Why Ski Resorts Are Going Digital

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Everything is digital in the age of the internet: the way we communicate, how we get the news, the way we book vacations, and so on. In fact, we are more connected than ever, with 56.8 percent of the world population connecting to the internet on a regular basis, according to Internet World Stats.

In spite of drones and artificial intelligence (AI) propelling us further into the future every day, many ski resorts are still lagging a decade behind with their outdated technology. Analog clocks and dry erase boards are relics of the past to the average American in 2019, and yet they are still common practice at some of the most breathtaking mountain tops.

Through this technology, guests are able to enjoy time in the great outdoors, reconnecting with mother nature by keeping phone and computer use at a minimum without having to sacrifice the information they could get through their devices: weather updates, emergency alerts, and so on.

It's time for a change. Going digital increases efficiency and rapidly increases customer satisfaction, which could land your ski resort as the next top destination.

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Increased Communication

Going digital further increases the ability to communicate and interact with guests. Through our All Mountain Platform (AMP), guests can view trail maps, mountain statistics, grooming reports, resort events, safety alerts, and lift status all at a glance. The can also take a glance at travel reports and weather forecasts.

Providing guests with access to all of this information right at their fingertips is a total game changer. It will allow them to efficiently plan out their stay, enjoy their time at your resort, and keep up with the latest, most important updates.

Time Management

When the average family spends $6,000 for a three day ski vacation, they deserve a fair shot at time management.

Resort guests spend about 75 percent of their stay on lifts, boarding lifts, and inside lodges, all while trying to get as much as they can from their vacation at major ski resorts, which they are paying for with their hard earned money. All of this time spent waiting and riding could otherwise be dedicated towards enjoying the amenities and once in a lifetime experiences. However, improper planning and inadequate access to information leaves guests at the mercy of fate.

AMP allows guests to check the time, road and weather conditions, and keep up with upcoming events at the resort easily. This saves time and eliminates the frustration and hassle of trying to guess whether certain trails are being serviced or showing up to a ski lift only to find there's a two hour wait in line.

Increased Safety

Having access to information such as weather conditions, grooming reports, and safety alerts increases the safety of guests. This valuable information could also prevent an array of emergencies from occurring in the first place.

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Boosted Customer Satisfaction

A weekend getaway to a ski resort is a luxury. Yet, these luxuries can quickly be overshadowed when customers are left to handle unpredictable weather or ski course changes without any way to easily stay in the loop. This causes unnecessary struggling, brewing angst that very well could have been avoided.

The power to stay connected through the latest, cutting edge technology really drives home the theme of luxury. It is convenient, efficient, and shows that you truly care about your guests. How many other ski resorts can say they provide access to the same features? This sets you apart from the others and boosts customer satisfaction, which will significantly increase the likelihood that they will revisit or recommend the resort to a loved one.

To Stay Ahead of the Curve

It doesn't get any more modern than going digital. One of the driving factors for implementing this technology at ski resorts is how it keeps the establishment ahead of the curve. Rather than lagging behind, being one of the last places to implement such systems, going digital now makes your destination a pioneer in the industry. It's impressive, intriguing, and attractive to guests. It sets you apart from all of the other ski resorts, and may be why guests choose to stay with you over all the other competitors.

How Ski Resorts Are Going Digital

All of these features almost sounds too good to be true, which leaves many resort owners with just one question: how are ski resorts going digital?

Accessibility is a the heart of going digital. After all, what's the point of going the extra mile to provide real time information if it can't be accessed while on the go?

With AMP, an eight minute informative loop is delivered across accessible digital displays throughout the resort. From indoor and outdoor screens at mountain lodges, restaurants and rental shops, to hotels and the mobile app, and even on lifts and gondolas, operators can effectively communicate with their guests at any time, anywhere, all through a back-end central command center.

At Alpine Media Technology, we believe in cultivating an interactive user-friendly experience through our innovative technology. Our experts are more than happy to tailor our tech to your resorts needs, or help you integrate our technology into your pre-existing application.

How we communicate, keep up with the news, and book our vacations has all been digitized in this day and age. Yet, many ski resorts are stuck in the 90s with their analog clocks and dry erase boards. Where is the luxury in that?

It's time for a change. By going digital, ski resorts can effectively enhance communication, increase time management, safety, and customer satisfaction. It also keeps your ski resort ahead of the curve, setting you apart from other competitors who have yet to evolve from dreadfully outdated technology. Real time updates should be accessible throughout the resort, whether it's at the ski lift, hotel room, or through a mobile app.

Don't hold your ski resort back. Head on over to our blog for the latest updates and other technology. If you are interested in learning more about Alpine Media Technology, our All Mountain Platform, or how your resort could benefit from our services, please contact us.

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