Telluride ski resort bolsters guest communication via Alpine Media’s All Mountain Platform (AMP)

Denver, CO - Alpine Media Technology (AMT) has partnered with Telluride Ski & Golf Resort for the second consecutive season in their mission to enhance guest messaging capabilities for this ski season. Telluride, arguably one of the nation's top ski destinations, is embracing the digital era by offering large, strategically placed, HD displays across its resort. The digital platform features an eight-minute loop featuring real-time, relevant information which helps resort guests maximize their time on and off the mountain. 

The All Mountain Platform, AMP, informs guests about weather and road conditions, trail and lift status, resort events, and a digital trail map which highlights groomed runs, moguls, etc.  AMP also offers an alert messaging feature allowing operators to push out any alert they deem important and or urgent. In its short debut last season, the feature aided in the recovery of not only lost possessions but occasionally separated skiers. 

For Telluride specifically, this type of alert messaging further assists mountain ops to better communicate with skiers and riders about the dynamic conditions in two of the more popular bowls, Revelation and Prospect. 

Large outdoor display at Telluride featuring Lift & Trail Status, weather conditions and mountain stats, events and more.

Highly visible, yet not intrusive, screens installed across the resort ensure that skiers and riders have access to information that can help them better navigate the mountain without disrupting their outdoor experience. 

Large displays at the Telluride Gondola station help skiers and riders navigate their next run

Nancy Clark, head of marketing for Telluride, is excited about their continued mission to keep guests informed properly and promptly. “AMP allows our staff to push out notifications and updates efficiently and effectively,” said Clark. “With the safety of our guests as our primary concern, we want to do all we can from a communication standpoint. 

Alpine Media launched their platform three years ago at Winter Park Resort, Steamboat, Wachusett, and Shawnee Peak and continues to expand its network adding both ski resorts and ski towns across the country year to year from CA to MA. 

Lift Digital display network at Winter Park Resort. Informing skiers on their ride to the 12,000 ft high Summit.

“The beauty of this system is our ability to customize it for each resort as each resort has its own communication challenges and opportunities,” said AMT’s CEO Freddie Peyerl. “Resorts can customize the content and determine the type of screen and screen placement. Our packages are scalable and easily able to solve the communication needs at resorts of every size. We believe this will be an important aspect of our business as we continue to grow.” 

Large indoor displays at Telluride ski resort. Helping skiers make the most of their day.

New for this season, AMP has released a new reservation system which some partners will use to manage and monitor capacity at select lodges & dining areas, ensuring proper crowd management and supporting guest safety. 

Look for Alpine Media’s marquee product, LiftDigital, installed on the Super Gauge Express at Winter Park Resort featuring over 624 screens on the 8-minute ride to the summit. A LiftDigital gondola version can also be experienced at Crystal Mountain. 

For inquiries, please contact AMT’s CRO Gerrit Vandekemp at 303-408-0702.

Alpine Media indoor large indoor displays. Digital trail maps help resort guests find groomers.

Alpine Media Technology created the All Mountain Platform (AMP), the premium guest communication system for ski resorts and ski towns world-wide. With a centralized, web-based Command Center, resort operators can deliver real-time, relevant content via digital screens across the entire resort. From the lodges, chairlifts and gondolas, as well as via mobile app, skiers and riders have access to the information they need to maximize their time both on and off the mountain while advertisers have a platform to reach an affluent and active audience.   


Scenic beauty. Character and charm. Legendary terrain. Lack of crowds. It’s a long list, and the simple fact is, you’ll never forget your first time to Telluride. Forty-five minutes from the nearest stoplight at the end of a towering canyon sits Telluride, Colorado (elev. 8,750'), a National Historic Landmark surrounded by the highest concentration of 13,000' and 14,000' peaks in the United States. Above Telluride is a modern mountain village connected by a free pedestrian gondola, the only one of its kind in North America     

Garin Gustafson


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