Why Ski Resorts should be mobile ready for next season

As businesses around the globe prepare for the new normal, mobile communication will be key in helping consumers navigate the ongoing limitations due to Covid-19. While businesses were pressured to update websites and send emails, sometimes multiple per day, mobile apps present a much more efficient and effective way for notifying consumers, guests or members. 

Unlike most businesses, ski resorts and resorts alike will be challenged much more significantly when it comes to crowding. With large crowds and high capacity in dining and cafeteria areas, group lessons and daycare, retail and rental shops, lodging and transportation coupled with the fact guests are visiting from local to national to international destinations, ski resorts are among the ultimate potential hotbeds for a reemergence of new coronavirus cases, as was the case in Colorado back in March across Vail ski resorts and others that catered to a large amount of international travelers. 

While many skiers and riders have the Ikon and Epic passes with access to their respective mobile apps, it is still a very small percentage of the approximately 10 million North American skiers and riders who average 6 days per season. And while some ski resorts do have a mobile app product, surprisingly many still do not given the associated costs. Here are some of the key features and benefits of a mobile app for ski resorts. 

Mobile Push Notifications 

Features like mobile push notification will be imperative to keep guests notified throughout their visit. Real time Covid-19 related updates can be quickly sent to all resort guests with a touch of a button. Resort operators can send out updates to help manage crowds across the various on mountain and off mountain lodges. Access limitations, sanitization supplies and tools, closures and openings. 


Digital Trail Maps 

Aside from the fact that resorts spend approximately 250K per year on printed maps, digital maps are much more cost effective, dynamic and real time. Alpine Media’s mobile product  features a digital trail map with details such as what runs are groomed, moguled, and closed or open within a minutes notice. Digital mobile maps can also prevent crowding around large printed maps areas and reduced footfall around reception counters. 

Resort Staff Communication 

Not all resort staff and operators are issued a business email thus making it difficult to push out messaging to various departments: ski patrol, lift ops, dining and lodging crew, ski and comp schools, etc. With mobile app push messaging, notifications can quickly get to the respective groups as events and news updates break throughout the day. 

Ski Resort Events

In addition to above, events will not only be limited in terms of capacity, but perhaps more outdoor focused for events such as live music events and après specials. Alpine Media’s All Mountain Platform includes this event listing feature in addition to all the above. With 10 resort partners currently utilizing the digital signage aspect of the platform, they expect to get more interest and adoption for their mobile product for this coming season. 

So skiers and riders, I’ll leave you with this question. Does your primary ski mountain currently provide a mobile app? If they do, what additional features would you like to see for next season? 

As for resort operators, what’s in the plans for the season ahead? Is it a question of build or buy? Alpine Media’s turnkey solution can have your mobile app implemented in just 10 business days with the ability to broadcast out to any and all digital signage displays. For more information, contact AM’s CRO Gerrit Vandekemp at 303.408.0702.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to enhance the way you communicate with your guests. Prepare now and help your visitors make the most of their day in new era to come where information and customer value will be more important than ever. 

Alpine Media Technology created the All Mountain Platform (AMP), the premium guest communication system for ski resorts and ski towns world-wide. With a centralized, web-based Command Center, resort operators can deliver real-time, relevant content via digital screens across the entire resort. From the lodges, chairlifts and gondolas, as well as via mobile app, skiers and riders have access to the information they need to maximize their time both on and off the mountain while advertisers have a platform to reach an affluent and active audience.

Garin Gustafson


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