Family-Friendly “Outdoor” Activities for Indoors: Things to Stream

There are a variety of reasons why you might find yourself staying inside during a mountain vacation. Between intense weather conditions and being tired after a long day on the hill (it happens to all of us), or even just wanting to save a little energy to have another great day with the family tomorrow, you might consider staying in instead of exploring. 

This week we’re focusing on streamable content. Within streaming, there are different types of content including news broadcasts, podcasts, and of course videos and shows. These days, most people have their typical streamable content pretty well dialed-in with their personal preferences, but you’re on vacation so this article dives into how to tune into news relevant to the ski/outdoor industry. This kind of content will help you and your family get ready for a great day on the hill tomorrow. 

Ski News

It’s vacation, so you don’t want to spend more than your couple of minutes per day checking in to make sure that the world is still turning. Beyond your typical news providers, check out this Swiss media site for videos of awesome skiers and riders. This is sure to inspire members of your group to up their game on the hill. You can also check out the coolest channel (get it?) for industry updates and news. 

Ski Podcasts + Music

Let’s say you’re tuning in in the off season, or you’ve gone through all of the live content. You’re in luck, since podcasts have been heating up over the last couple of years. Good news is that there are a ton of great ski-related podcasts available, including these recommended by, or these recommended by Powder. Those lists are really just scratching the surface, and of course you can explore a whole host of other podcasts for other interests, and on virtually any device. 

In addition to podcasts, music is a great way to get pumped for a day out on the hill. Check out these resources for ways to explore new music, and even look for “Get Pumped” mixes (or make your own). As a bonus, audio is great to keep your energy up throughout the day while you’re standing in the lift line or riding up, but be careful not to have it up too loud while you’re skiing or riding so you can hear others around you. 

Videos and Shows

Of course, there is always the classic: ski movies like Warren Miller’s classics. You can check out a lot of ski-related films online for free from various sources. There are tons more ski films, and you can explore trailers for others that you might be considering. If you’re looking for videos and shows to please the whole family in general, definitely check out the recommendations here. This list is of course non-exhaustive; streaming content is growing daily to meet the increasing viewer demand

Sometimes you need to just watch something that doesn’t have a story, something you can just turn on in the background and not pay close attention to. If this is you, definitely check out the bear cam, live streaming from Alaska 24 hours a day (in the summer, it doesn’t get dark!). This content is sure to inspire you to get back out there tomorrow for a great day enjoying nature. 

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