Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Technology Reaches New Heights

According to Clear Code editor, Michael Wlosik, "digital-out-of-home (DOOH) is about to change the domination of online media." In fact, many businesses have invested their advertising budget into programmatic advertising because of the rise in technological advancements and online opportunities. Brand advertisers and ad agencies have been spending big bucks on native, mobile, video, and technology display advertising. As a classic form of advertising, DOOH is finding it's way back to front-runner advertising.

What Is Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising 

DOOH advertising is outside advertising that uses tracking, re-targeting, geofencing, personalizing, and measurement to capture your audience. Digital-out-of-home is a message that's designed to reach consumers on the go. Forbes has indicated, "this is the year for digital-out-of-home to reach it's peak." Your business can use viral video as an advertising medium on literally thousands of bars, restaurants, and retailers across the United States. The potential to reach a global audience sends your ROI soaring. At the rate DOOH is growing, your business will soon need a digital ad to keep up with current business trends. 

How Can DOOH Have A Positive Impact On Your Business 


Digital-out-of-home advertising has reached nearly every corner of the world. From screens in golf carts, Uber rides, and elevators to kiosks in malls, theme parks, and now street corners, DOOH has become a common fixture in the footprint of our daily lives.  Digital marketing expert, Leo Resig estimates that DOOH returns $5.97 in ROI revenue. "This is 40 percent more effective than traditional digital advertising and 14 percent more effective than print, " says Resig.

Chairlift & Gondola screens

This past year, a new placement was effectively reached as Alpine Media Technology installed screens and delivered powered to both a Chairlift and Gondola at Alterra Mountain Company's premiere ski destinations. Alpine Media is now the world's only digital display system for chair lifts and gondolas. Using state-of-the-art technology, LiftDigital has been able to utilize a battery free charging screen that gives skiers and riders constant access to useful and valuable information about the resort. There's no denying it, digital-out-of-home ad advertising continues to push the envelope and reach unconventional placements.

What Has Made LiftDigital A Success 

Alpine Media chairlift displays
LiftDigital installed on Winter Park's Super Gauge Express

While most digital advertising mediums are just producing advertisements, LiftDigital delivers an informational video loop that provides real-time stats about the trails, lifts, events, weather etc. Alpine is focused on content that helps you manage your time on the mountain. Users can enjoy a 10 minute informative, content loop along with supported ads which run in the lower left corner of the screen.  The loop initiates once the lift bar is lowered, and now, with digital screens, the lift bar is more commonly used increasing the safety of riders significantly.  The six digital 10" lay flat across the safety lift bar and not in line of site of the riders ensuring their interaction with the screens is voluntary.  Avoid the dreaded 30 fold trail map or dropping your expensive phone while taking off your gloves to check the time with DOOH. Alpine has found a way to make three of the most desired ski resort informational content available: lift line status, grooming reports, and lift status. The visitors have said; "the new LiftDigital technology has allowed them to improve the navigation of their runs." 

For added security, the new safety alert messaging feature will notify guests of any danger or potential danger to them or possible members of their group.  You can find LiftDigital at two of Alterra Mountain Company's premiere resorts; on the Super Gauge at Winter Park Resort, USA Today's top rated ski resort in North America for 2018, and on Gondola at Steamboat Springs which transports skiers and riders to the Thunderhead Lodge at the summit.  

Why Advertise With Alpine Media Technology

For the first time, brands can now digitally advertise via an opportunity outside the traditional six figure sponsorship contract. Thus, brands can now reach this affluent and active audience, arguably one of the most sought after demographics, by delivering video ads across Alpine Media's digital platform on a per season commitment and significantly lower cost. The All Mountain Platform (AMP), extends across the resort via screens strategically placed inside and outside of lodges, and now, the Chairlift and Gondolas.  With the video ads running alongside real time and relevant content, viewers are more engaged thus increasing chances for greater ad recall.  Ad recall is also increased as riders are essentially held captive for the 10 minute rid to the summit.  

For agencies and brands interested in learning about availability for next season please contact Nick Haggard. And, for resort operators who would like to learn more about our available packages, please contact Gerrit Vandekemp.

Garin Gustafson


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