Control and Monitor Capacity at your ski resort

How is your staff managing crowd capacity at your ski resort this season? In support of the NSAA's 'Ski Well, Be Well' mission, Alpine Media is offering a "capacity monitoring & control" feature via a custom mobile app for your resort with the following two options available.  


1- Counter feature 

  • Set the capacity limit for each lodge around the mountain
  • At designated entrance & exit to the lodge, resort staff can plus or minus the counter as guests enter and leave. 
  • Digital signage across the resort shows how many people are in the lodge and/or how many spots are currently open; mobile app allows guests to see a list of lodges across the resort and the relative capacity/availability in real-time.

2- Reservation feature 

  • Set capacity limits and duration of reservation slots
  • Book time at a desired lodge.  Select the number of people in your party and pick a desired time slot
  • Arrive at reserved time to check in
  • Check in the guest and seat them (or let them select a seat)
  • Receives a text message when their reservation is about to end (i.e. 5 minutes before) and is politely asked to leave the building to allow others the ability to use their reserved time
  • Digital signage across the resort shows how many slots are still open; mobile app allows guests to see a list of lodges across the resort, the available slots, and provides the ability to book a reservation in real-time

Check out this 2minute video tutorial by Alpine Media's CEO Freddie Peyerl as he takes you in for a closer look.

Now, let's talk about managing and monitoring capacity levels for your parking lots.

Similar to the Lodges, the Counter feature for Parking Lots will work as follows: 


  1. Enter the name and select the capacity limit for each parking lot via the command center.
  2. At the designated entrance/exit to the lot, resort staff can plus or minus the mobile app counter as vehicles enter and leave.
  3. The mobile app allows guests & staff to see the list of all parking lot names and their respective capacity levels in real-time. 

Imagine allowing your guests to check capacity levels via their mobile app minutes before arriving to your resort. Based on the real-time capacity levels, guests can be better directed to parking lots with available spaces helping you to better displace guests around your resort.

Let's discuss your needs for the up coming season. How can we help you and your staff better control and monitor capacity levels? Contact Gerrit Vandekemp to learn more at:

Garin Gustafson


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