Amplifying Ski Resort Reach

In today’s world, privacy is a huge concern for everyone. With new laws and regulations surrounding privacy passing all the time, marketers are left wondering how they can find their target market at all, let alone tailor to them. At Alpine Media, we’ve found a way to help: geofencing and geotargeting. 


This is location-based, and happens while our customers are at the resort. Essentially, we can set up a net around the area of the resort and capture data on which users were there, as long as location services are turned on. Based on the location, people can enjoy relevant mobile advertisements for things they need right in the moment, including auto care, winter gear, and even local attractions (the sky's the limit!). Don’t worry; customers’ data is still protected here, since the advertisement is just based on their position. 


This is an opportunity to re-target people who were previously at the resort. Once people leave the resort, geo-recency would kick in and the advertisement would “follow” them to a certain radius away and reappear when they are more able to act upon the advertisement. I put “follow” in heavy quotes: it’s important to note that the location data used to find people after they leave the resort is much more general and feeds off mobile and ISP provider data, providing a grid-based region where the person is. While this still targets someone in the area near your business, it also protects your customers’ information and places them in a several block radius, rather than zeroing in on anyone’s home or workplace. 

As an example, say I am a true Ikon or Epic Pass tourist: I love the flexibility that the passes provide, and I am not committed to a condo at any one resort. From weekend to weekend, my friends and I travel to different resorts to get some variety and we take our trips for just a day, or a short weekend getaway. I can see advertisements in the app while I am there, but geotargeting allows me to see that ad again once I return back to Denver. This just makes sense: while I’m out having a great time on the hill, I am not necessarily thinking about new ski gear or upgrading my car, but when I am back home I have time to consider those things. Letting sports shops or car dealerships know that I was up at the resort lets them know that I would be interested in potentially upgrading my gear or car, so the ads I will get in Denver will better match my interests and thus help me more than ads for things I do not care about as much. 

Since the retargeting feeds off ISP, the advertisements can reappear across a wide variety of platforms. As the marketer, you have the opportunity to customize where your advertisements appear and make sure they appear only on websites or platforms that you approve. 

Demographics of ski resorts

Geofencing and geotargeting sounds great, but what about tailoring the advertisements? As a marketer, when I am looking at highly populated areas I am often skeptical of marketing there since a high population doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the people I am looking for. The beauty of ski resorts is that we have an audience with a lot of data collected about them. Take a look: 

There is so much opportunity to target even within these groups by setting up geofencing to target when certain groups will be playing at the mountain. Want to know more? Check out our website or set up some time to chat with us

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